PSA: Can we stop marking our own response as solutions?

Pardon my post that is somewhat diverging from the section - however it’s relevant.

If someone gives you a solution to your problem and aids you into fixing it - please don’t then reply to their solution and mark your own response as the solution to your thread. It happens on almost a majority of the posts I’ve seen and also to me directly.

Be polite and respect those who went out of their way to help you out with your issue by providing them recognition for helping you out with the successful solution.

This post isn’t to say I have an issue with people fixing their own issues after all else has failed, then responding with the fix and marking that as a solution. That’s actually helpful to anyone searching similiar issues.


Agreed. It’s much more convenient and clear when the solution is marked correctly, so I can jump right to it from the OP.

Also in a similar vein; if you solve your own problem, post the solution and mark it as solved too :slightly_smiling_face:

I only mark my responses as solutions when multiple users give multiple solutions, in those responses, i quote all of the solutions.

I would instead recommend picking the best contribution, and if you cannot choose, pick the first one. You should never pick a post as solution that does not have an actual solution in it, because then you are highlighting the post right under your original post (this is what solution does) for no reason.