PSA: Include specific payment numbers in portfolio posts

Specific Payment Numbers Are Important

I’ve been strolling through other users’ portfolios, and a lot of them contain

Payment may vary


Payment is negotiable

But none of them put in a specific number for these kinds of commissions.
Let’s say I’m an artist who was hired to make them a group logo.

I would have a price example for a group logo, and a price range for how much this might cost.

When you’re making a portfolio, please please please make a specific payment number! This would help a lot for people who want to hire you.

That’s all I have to write, until next time!

I have also been seeing this on a lot of portfolios.
Generally, the more vague and unspecified something is, the less likely I am to do it. In this case, the less likely am I going to work for that person. Don’t know why, but I just don’t feel like doing it/working for that person.

I’ve been spending most of today looking through portfolios of others, and replying to them that they should add a specific payment number that will help identify what they might expect from the customers.

As a developer that has hired close to ten people the last two months I appreciate those that were willing to negotiate. I don’t think this is a bad thing.

I agree with you also, and I’m not saying that it is a bad thing. I’m just saying it’s really helpful to include a specific payment number to help those who want to hire them.

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From the developer side: I just want to let you know it’s probably not laziness as much as we just don’t know a fair price. I have spent hundreds on my game and some things I just didn’t know the going rate. This isn’t our expertise, which is why we are looking to hire.

For example, pretend your a first time home owner and have to post an exact number of a contractor to hire. You don’t want to post $500 for a job that costs $5,000 and you certainly don’t want to do $5,000 on a job that costs $500.

Edit: sorry I responded to the wrong person here haha