PSA Messaging system not sending out global messages

What I’m trying to do:
I’ve made a PSA system where when a player inputs word/numbers/etc, it will take that information and display it. I’ve tried it and it just displays messages on the local player but not for anyone else inside the server.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Or whats even causing this?

Here’s my scripts and my explorer:

Because you are only changing the ui of the player that sends the remote :thinking:

Also, change UI on client - NOT SERVER!!

Add another remote listener on the client and when they submit the text to display, instead do

Remote:FireAllClients(text) -- this will send to every player in the server, just add a listener on the client for this then display the text from this

Note, you will need to put a filter on the text: TextService | Roblox Creator Documentation

*You will need to fire the remote to each client separately for their filter, once you get to adding a filter. Each user has a different filter depending on account age