PSA V3: Wave 3 invites are here

  • I’ve been invited in this wave
  • I haven’t been invited yet
  • I’ve already been invited

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Who’s received an invite?


No invite yet but some peeps like @Evanbear1 has been.


I have no clue, since I just got on the forum yesterday. But, I’m probably going to check my email just in case.

EDIT: Just checked; No invite.

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Still not. I’m guessing I’m part of Wave 4 invites then


Is it true that there are only four waves this year? Has this been confirmed?


Yes that’s true and has been confirmed on the roblox dev forum discord by nightgaladeld


I was invited in this wave but I’m unable to attend. I know tickets sell out quickly so hopefully someone else will be able to “get” my place/ticket. I had fun the previous 3 years I went. c:


I guess I’m gonna be in the last wave. Kudos to whoever got an invite now!


Just purchased my tickets, can’t wait to meet everyone :smiley:


I hope tickets don’t sell out before I can make it to the bank this Thursday…


I’ve been invited! Super excited to participate in my second RDC! :smiley:


I got a ticket yay :smiley:
I look forward to seeing people there!

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I’m never going to receive an invite. :sob:

Please wave 4… about all my friends have been invited and I’m just sitting here waiting.


Aha! Invited at last! They didn’t forget me!


Aw, no invite yet! A little ashamed at that because I was hoping for a wave 3 invite, but considering I’ve never been invited to RDC beforehand I am really not that surprised. I thought it might be different as my game has really grown this year.

Hopefully the tickets aren’t sold out by the time an invite comes my way :stuck_out_tongue:

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ya same dude i didn’t get an invite either


So that means majority of members + pretty much all new members are all in one wave and they have to fight like a battle royale. Well played, Roblox… well played.

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Hm, was really thinking I was going to be in this one since I was invited last year, joined their stars program, and had a few games reach 1 mil visits this year. :confused: Hopefully I’m atleast a part of wave 4 and can get a ticket + discounted hotel room. Seriously starting to question how they choose what people are in what waves. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Nice, I clicked the wrong one. Hopefully will get an invite soon, I really can’t wait to meet so many of the amazing developers I’ve worked alongside.


very Interesting, so there is still no clue what was the criteria to get a invite.

I Was invited at wave 3 despite that i don’t have “solid” results this year, and no i wasn’t even in any invite waves last year, i was on the 4th one and attended RDC EU.

I’m mostly noticed on twitter but i hightly doubt it’s based on popularity

EDIT : “everyone from last year should have received an invitation but mistakes can still occur”
yes i was definitively blind, some infos are clear now