PSA V4: Wave 3.5 invites are here (?)

Some fellow developers and I just recently received RDC invites (20 minutes ago). Doesn’t seem to have been announced…officially…yet…

But ayy, seems like another wave was brought in between 3 and 4, since the fourth is application-only if I recall correctly. Congrats to those who got invited! Let us know here if you were in the wave!


haha… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAA


Have any other invitees from previous waves received a second invite by mistake? I was invited in wave 2 (and have already booked tickets) and weirdly received another invitation just now on the exact same email address as the other invite :joy::joy:

Both begin with “Hello PolyCrunch”


Wasn’t invited yet again. Could be that those who went last year and weren’t invited yet, got an invite. Hopefully everyone will have fun there!


Yes glad they sent the invite i hope you guys, have a great time meeting other developers at the RDC 2019.

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I was invited in this wave! They had to manually add me to their list, since I hadn’t received an invite but attended last year.

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Haven’t been invited yet. I’m a pretty new member though, so I’m not at all surprised.

Still not in this wave, cooool.

Wew, I’m not in this wave even though I got 1,5m visits this year and devexed.

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This invite wave seems to have been for people who’ve bought a ticket and attended in the past and didn’t receive an invite in the recent waves.


That’s kinda lame. I was only invited last year to only the EU one.

It’s a shame they haven’t sent out invites to those who were invited last year but were not able to attend. Last year I was invited in an earlier wave, and now this year when I can attend, nothing at all.


Last year, my Wave 3 invite came in 2 weeks late.

omg roblox cares <3, got invited finally :D, hopefully other members who got invited previously but could not go got in too


same, finally got mine too :happy2:


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  • Invited in previous waves.
  • Invited in this wave, ATTENDED last year.
  • Invited in this wave, did NOT attend last year.
  • Not yet invited.

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Your rich with invites lel… I do not even have one yet…

So are we saying that they secretly did this on purpose or?

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I didn’t get a invite hopefully i will soon