PSA Why is Clutter text not enforced

Edit: As @sjr04 said it’s not allowed and specifically called out so I’m shifting it to why it’s no enforced.


As many of you know Roblox has a minimum word count which is 30. Within the last year or so we see people trying to bypass it by writing unhelpful/spam responses or replies such as “nice” but to get around the system they bypass by doing something like Chars or some sort of filler.

I personally believe there’s a reason for the like button and I know me and @ReturnedTrue agree because we talked about it quickly last night.

Why It’s Spam

When people use it they usually don’t have anything worth saying other than content spam. Which in return causes bumping which isn’t allowed. I get that some users might want to respond with “I don’t understand” or “doing it right now” for example.

How to reply

If you’re not sure you can DM the user asking them to edit their post and expand rather than comment asking unless it’s something major. Also acknowledging something can simply be solved with a like showing that you’ve seen it.

What Moderation Does

I’ve reported hundreds of user’s posts for multiple reasons. Mainly for spam/off-topic. Over all they’ve been good up until the last month or so. I’m only bringing this up seeing as if there was a policy in place where you’d get a strike for chars seeing as it’s spam and spam get’s strike. It’d be a lot less spam/bumping.


It is already against the rules.



I’ve closed the topic because it’s already explicitly stated in the rules that you’re not allowed to bypass the character limit.