Public testing of systems from Ellefire

Ellefire studio opens public testing of systems

The Ellefire group is creating some private systems and public ones that may be published on DevForum in the future, it is important for us to know what you think about what we are working on!

:warning: Not all GUI that is hosted in the game is supported on phones/tablets

If you have any suggestions or you find any bugs, please let us know!

The game also hosts cmdr and some commands like notif, checkBan, track and others are public and all players have the right to use them :cool:

Roblox Group: Ellefire Studio - Roblox
[EF] Development: [EF] Development [V2] - Roblox

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I must say the GUI is well done, so good job!
Yet there is some issues:

  • If not explained in the future, I have been playing it for awhile and I don’t really understand the objective of the game
  • Pressing Tab results into opening the inventory and leaderstats, got a bit confused of that
  • Nothing happens when pressing the plus, right next to the money

I understand that it is in testing and maybe you guys already planned ahead, just letting you know :slight_smile:

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Probably a little later I will describe the functions that are not working at the moment. For example, as a plus next to the currency, so far it does nothing