Purchase fees when game is uploaded to a group

Our game is uploaded to a group but when im at the configure > sale gamepass page it says that roblox will be taking 90% in fee. My understanding was that if the game is uploaded to a group you would recieve 70% with a 30% fee. Am i missing something?

The group is owned by me whom does not have any builder club membership.

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Non-BC members can sell stuff with 90% of the price taken away by Roblox. BC members have a 30% tax. If you want to increase it, you should consider buying yourself BC.

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The value depends on the setter’s current membership status. If they have BC, they have receive 70% of the funds and 30% is taken as tax, whereas without BC, 90% is taken. However, unlike with normal asset selling, even if the setter loses BC, if the price was set whilst they had BC and wasn’t configured by any NBCs afterwards, you’ll continue to obtain 70% of the price rather than 10%.