Purchasing hotel stay and RDC pass separate


In short, my broke ### can’t afford the whole ticket+hotel at once(275$), however i can afford the RDC ticket. (75$)
I’ve got enough to devex on the first of June, so I wonder if I can just… buy the RDC ticket now to make sure I get it before they sell out, and then buy the hotel stay at the same 200$ price at a later date?


I don’t believe you’ll have a chance to get the discounted hotel nights later on. It’s embedded into the invite form.


You won’t be able to get a discount later on. You can just look for someone to room with or borrow funds from someone if you want the room for yourself.


I bought them in two separate purchases, but they might run out of rooms before you can get the 200, and then you’ll have to risk trying to find someone to room with


This is not correct.

@GregTame The only thing you can do is contact developer relations and ask them about this. In 2017 I managed to do exactly what you did.


I had to email them to ask if a non-RDC member can stay in the discounted hotel room with me, and they were able to answer the question. (The answer is yes, if anyone is wondering.)

Based on what I’ve heard from past years, they seem fairly flexible and can work things out. Shoot them an email about this! They answered me within a day.