Purchasing Meshes

Buying Meshes

About Us
Hello! I am owner of Innovation Dev and we are working on a project called “Downtown Robloxia”. We are working on V2 and decided we will use Mesh Vehicles, Mesh Trees, and Mesh Cars. They can be basic Meshes.

The Job
We aren’t exactly in need of a developer, but we just are looking for people that could make a custom mesh item.

The Team
The Downtown Robloxia team is small, but we have enough people.

@bestrobloxerall -Project Manager
@canada1234513 -Head Builder
@TheCarbyneUniverse -GFX Artist

The job has some basic rules/requirements that you should read before you get started. Requirements:

-No Free Models
-No Images
-No reusing the Mesh(es) you make for us

Perks & Payment
We are able to offer about 5% of the games revenue (We are spending 2k on Ads/Sponsors). We will also give you perks such as a Boombox, Gravity Coil, Developer Lounge Access, and more!

Contact Us
Contact either @canada1234513 or @bestrobloxerall on the Devforum or on Roblox.

I think a commission for something as simple as contract work isn’t ideal, I would suggest offering robux or USD for their products. On top of that a commission is quite risky for someone who just wants to make a quick buck. Maybe upfront pay + a small commission if the mesh is used frequently throughout the map.
On top of that, Your perks don’t hold much value for a game that hasn’t even got a proper community yet (please correct me if i’m wrong). Thats also something that wouldn’t really appeal to a modeller.
Just my opinion though.


This isn’t payment, this is free stuff that has no value outside of your game.


You might want to show the style you want to the modeler! Meshed cars are quite long to make! (depending on the poly count).

  • Would you be able to bring percentage up?
  • In-game items are not a form of a payment
  • What do you mean by no images?
  • How well monetized is your game?
  • What does the map look like and why will it maintain a strong player base for a source of revenue?

Thank you for helping me find modelers. I will bring the percentage up if they could do all the meshes. I might add some R$. The game is monetised well. It has a Shop Gui that uses a uncommon style. By “-No Images” I mean that it can’t contain memes or other photos on the mesh.

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