~Pusheen Studios~ Handbook

Welcome to ~Pusheen Studios~ group! Get ready to dive into a community full of funny chats & mouth-dropping events!

Any questions should be directed to a ~Pusheen Guard~ or on our group wall. Enjoy and have a fun ride!


*Here at Pusheen Studios, we provide a set of rules that you should abide of to maintain ~Pusheen Studios~ a good place for everyone. Some rules are not specifically listed, of course, use common sense for that.

1 ) Pusheen Studios is a family-friendly community, so we ask not to bully or harass anyone. If you are caught bullying/harassing someone you will be kicked without excuses.

2 ) As we are a family-friendly community, we ask you not to post inappropriate images/links/files/messages, as it can be dangerous or offensive to other people within this community. If you are found trying to posting inappropriate content, you will be automatically banned from the server and the game.

3 ) We make awareness to our younger members in Pusheen Studios, so we ask for you not to throw negative comments at others or trying to start drama. As it might be offensive, we ask you not to participate in telling them to others or it will result in consequences.

4 ) Advertising is strictly prohibited as it can be quite dangerous. This means not sending links in public channels unless you have permission from GammergurlLOL4. This also includes DM advertising in any form unless permitted by the one you DM, as well as advertising your group directly in any of our premises.

📌Partnership Info

Here, you will be able to get information regarding partnering with us. Any questions, don’t fret to ask a public relations member.

  • Must obtain a member count of 500 in the group and/or must obtain over 150 non-botted Discord members in the server. Exceptions may occur…

  • We form with all groups, but we must see a level of organization, activeness, professionalism, & dedication.

  • Your group should not be in any sort of fraud transactions such as scamming in the past.

  • Must provide two or more representatives to communicate in our server, we will do the same.

  • Must announce our announcements that we want to announce, we will do the same. Attending events also would be appreciated

:handshake: | If you meet our expectations, DM the owner for further instruction!


Heya! Great to see you here while these milestones are very important to me! Look back on how far we have grown! [Pst…I spent so much time looking back in the audit log]

➥ 1500 Members - TBD - Half Way to 2K!!!
➥ 1400 Members - April 23rd FIRST MILESTONE OF 2022
➥ 1300 Members - September 06
➥ 1200 Members - June 21st
➥ 1100 Members - May 11th, 2021
➥ 1000 Members - March 17th, 2021 - Thank you so much
➥ 900 Members - January 20, 2021 - FIRST MILESTONE OF 2021
➥ 800 Members - December 03, 2020
➥ 700 Members - Nov 25, 2020
➥ 600 Members - Nov 15, 2020
➥ 500 Members - Oct 28, 2020
➥ 400 Members - Oct 24, 2020,
➥ 300 Members - Oct 20, 2020
➥ 200 Members - Oct 08, 2020
➥ 100 Members - Sep 02, 2020
➥50 Members - Jul 20, 2020
➥ 20 Members - Jul 13, 2020 FIRST MILESTONE OF 2020