Putting Spawn inside terrain water

I put the spawn inside the water but I keep spawning above the water is there a way to force it to spawn you where you placed the spawn inside terrain water?

Just use the dragger tool to move it where you want it?

i did but i still spawn above the water

Are constraints enabled? Located to the right of the four main tools at the top.

yea i tried enabling it but i still spawn above water

The simple answer is no, there really isn’t any way due to the fact Roblox uses a buoyancy type properties for water. You will float up ever time, how ever game’s sometimes use the lighting to make it look like they’re under water. What It’d advise if the game is all under water is make your own swim system and change the lighting. I also suppose you could use some sort of weight to the player until they move, but not sure how it’s done.