Puzzle game! First level

Hey! I started making this puzzle game that is intended to be hosted by an event hoster and I just completed the first level!
Any opinions?

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Hmm, interesting, the stairs, okay, so hmm, I am not sure what players is here expected to do except to climb the stairs, I mean where is the puzzle, what is the puzzle?

I can see the daylight in the corners, so it would be nice if the atmosphere is a bit darker if u chose those dull gray colors, like maybe to player fall in abyss or something, not sure. what red lines represent, and what are those stairs on the right wall, are they decoration or?

There is a lot of ways for this to improve, but we need to know what is the goal here, what is the players flow of movement, what player can do, what it can’t do, what are obstacles, etc.

The game is supposed to be for like military groups and I made it for their intelligence agencies. It involves a lot of team work. They are supposed to open a door and climb it(isn’t shown in the photo)
And at the corner it isn’t supposed to be like a wall with grass, I accidentally while making another level added it there.

edit: Also thanks for the comment