Puzzle-type game - is this game idea a good one?

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This is my first post so sorry if it seems a little bad.

The game is about you trying to find your way back home. The game is like a puzzle/ 3d platformer type of game basically the game features wall jumping many other abilities.Does this game sound like a good idea?


Yes, sounds like a great idea! I love 3D platformers and would be willing to test if needed.

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You know you are more likely to succeed if you don’t tell anybody what you plan to do


How does that work out? I thought getting more ideas/opinions from other people expands your idea and may even save you alot of time in some cases.


People steal ideas all the time. So if you tell people what you plan to do and someone rushes the game, they can accuse you of stealing their idea.


Sounds cool! Would love to see the idea come to life!

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For me this doesn’t seem like why people shouldn’t share ideas, but what I want to say is not everyone can just go on to create a game with that idea.

Also, how exactly do they accuse you of stealing the idea, when they make their own assets and create a game its not called stealing I believe. (Except there are games like Among us on roblox that have mostly copied the idea)


If you’ve never heard of people stealing game ideas and rushing them then you’ve never peered outside of the Roblox platform. It happens all the time. It probably happens to Roblox devs too.

Two games can be about the same thing without having the same assets. Assets don’t define an idea so it would still be stealing an idea.

No game is 100% original on Roblox so accusing of idea theft is silly and isn’t the point of the OP. Games based on others or have the same theme as others get popular all the time.

If “your idea” ever gets “stolen” just add unique touches to it.

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yea that sounds interesting
Hoping to see this game release soon enough :smiley:
good luck with it!

Sounds like Adventure Forward but much cooler! If this ever comes to life, i’ll definitely play it 24/7 365

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sounds epic and cool reminds me of undertale

You can’t OWN or COPYRIGHT an idea. Assets, game decals, etc are all owned by the original owner. Where did you get the idea that ideas can be owned and others can’t use it.

Its a psychological issue. You lose motivation when people tell you your idea is good weirdly.

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I started the game project 2 weeks ago I will make sure my game does not get stolen.

Game will be arriving next year around March 2021.
I will post updates whenever important progress gets done on the game.

I agree with your statement, I mean if you want to get some new ideas of a Roblox game, no matter what it is though, it can be quite useful. Some might say some things that can be crazy when you hear it but it might work out and can eventually turn your game into a big hit

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You can and it’s called an IP.