Pyrotenics| 3D Modeler for Hire



Hi there! I am offering my services as a Modeler & LowPoly Builder. I have been studying games development for around 5 years, but I’ve been 3D modelling for 2 years, I use blender, As I’m extremely fluent with the software, I study Computer games design.

Here are my workshowcase



Information & Contact

If you need my discord add me, astrovibes
#8096, I have more pictures and models.


You can contact me whenever fits you best on Discord, however I will only be working on commissioned works during the weekend for the foreseeable future.


Prices are negotiable and are job dependent, I price my work at how many hours I estimate it’ll take me to finish. I’m also seeking medium to long term employment as well, rates are disclosed privately.


FYI, I have more pictures. Dm me to get them.


Like it them swords are the best,question how much time would you work for on projects?


Well, if it was big around 2-4 hours? It depends on what you need and want.


Alright thanks for the respond man, nice job on your work :wink:


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I didn’t said that it was 500 robux each.