Q: When meshing a certain amount of parts, will it help reduce lag?

So I want to make a house with as few parts as possible, but does meshing help with that? So I make something in roblox export it to blender and make it into a mesh and then put it back into roblox?


Yes, Meshing can help the game reduce the lag

it gonna be a long thing to do so if i were you i just union it lol because it much faster than before


Actually it really depends on a lot of factors, such as how detailed the asset(s) is, if textures are used, how the player interacts with the space, etc.

If it’s a simple house, keeping it as Parts is fine for the most part. If you need a city’s worth of houses, and player collisions aren’t a concern (as in, the houses are exterior-only), then yea consider using meshes.

Otherwise the gains are typically minimal, if any.