Question about Beams

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    Making beams look like an actual bullet instead of a laser. See

  2. What is the issue?
    Currently my beam looks like a laser. See

  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    I’ve tried changing Beam’s properties but achieved nothing.

In addition to this, I was going to use Parts as bullet tracers but ended up using Beams because of the delay part bullet tracer makes.

	    local newAt0 = Att0:Clone()
		newAt0.Parent = Att0.Parent
		local newAt1 = Att1:Clone()
		newAt1.Parent = workspace.Terrain
		local newbeam = Beam:Clone()
		newAt1.WorldPosition = hitPosition
		newAt0.WorldPosition = origin
		newbeam.Attachment0 = newAt0
		newbeam.Attachment1 = newAt1
		newbeam.Parent = workspace.Terrain
		Debris:AddItem(newAt0, 1)
		Debris:AddItem(newAt1, 1)
		Debris:AddItem(newbeam, 1)
		newbeam.Enabled = true
		newbeam.Enabled = false

Hey! If you absolutely want beams, you should learn more how beams works (here), let me explain how you should do it :

  • Maybe using a texture, you should create your own image texture and then add it to the beam’s Texture property.
  • Change some properties of this same beam like TextureLength, TextureSpeed or Segments.

Otherwise, I recommend you to use small parts with velocity to the touch part on the client (as any visual effect should be).

I’ll just try to stick with Beam for the time being. Making bullet tracers with Parts gives a delayed result as I said so I’m trying to refrain from using parts. Thanks for helping nevertheless

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