Question about Discourse and repling to threads

Say I’m in the middle of a 500 post thread.

How do I post a regular reply, without having to jump to the bottom. Is there some magical generic reply that I’m not missing, or can you only generic reply at the top (OP) and bottom (under last post)? If the latter is the case, that’s just plain dumb.

While I did wonder that too, so thanks, that’s not what I mean.

I mean every reply button but the OP’s post replies to them. No other option. If I’m in the middle of a 500 post thread, I HAVE to go to the OP, or to the bottom to reply without replying to someone directly. At that point I have to go back to where I was.

It seems odd that I can’t post a normal reply at post #250.

I think that is by design, so people don’t just reply without seeing if someone else already had the same reply.

Nope – not possible. You can only avoid replying to a specific person by jumping to the end of the topic and using the reply button there or by replying to the OP.

Question though: Why do you need to not reply to a specific person? It’s obviously undesirable to “reply” to the wrong person, but when you’re replying to a thread, you’re replying to something, right? Whether it be the OP or someone else’s post. If you’re replying to the OP, you just read it and are at the top and are able to use the reply button in the OP. If you’re replying to someone else, then you can just reply to their post, right?

Because I keep getting yelled at for it. I’ve gotten 2 messages, and a few replies about it. And sometimes I read the OP, but read about half the thread to make sure what I’ve said hasn’t already been said, or I read on, then think of something to post.

For replying to people in general, or for replying to the wrong person?

Replying to the OP only happens once, or maybe a few times, per thread – we don’t have many 500 post topics, so clicking “jump to top” every once and a blue moon doesn’t seem like it’d get annoying.

I actually only used 500 as an easy example. If I’m on my computer, it’s not an issue, no matter the length. But the mobile format on should not be the EXACT same as desktop, just “dumbified”.

I live where all carriers are crap. Thus, needing to load 20+ posts just to reply takes a long time. Also, in general.

Either way, it boils down to a feature that while removed for good intentions, to be does not work well for mobile users in crap areas. But alas, it sucks being the minority in things such as that.

Edit: for clarification, I usually just reply to someone at random on mobile, then put that I was not replying to them. I wanted to know if I was missing something, or not.

Is there not a way to jump back to the top/bottom of the thread on mobile?

You can use the shift+r shortcut to reply to the topic. “?” can be used to open the list of shortcuts by the way.

The issue lies in that I have to then wait for at last 20 posts to load. I have crappy service in my area. That can take up to a minute

@TheGamer101 not on mobile