Question about local scripts exploiters

Hello! I have looked all over for this and just can’t seem to find an answer.

Can a exploiter see local scripts in another player’s character? By see I mean read or copy the script (Idk if they would be able to because the precompiled bytecode would only visible to that client right?)

Ex. The Animate script automatically put in a player’s character.

Yes, exploiters can access everything that is client sided.

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Just to clarify, EVERY players client or just theirs?

Just theirs, but if the local script in a different player’s character created by server they can see theirs too

Oh ok, so if the script is in the player’s character, because that is in the workspace the exploiter would be able to see it?

If I were to put a local script in StarterPlayerScripts would this prevent an exploiter from being able to see other players local script?

yes they would be able to see it if its made by server or the current client.

Ok! Thank you very much for the help.

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Just so you’re aware, server scripts placed inside the StarterPlayerScripts container will never be executed (unless they are placed elsewhere during runtime). Moreover the PlayerScripts container of any player object is instantiated by the client of which that player object belongs/pertains to.