Question about Marketing Strategies

What are some effective marketing strategies for marketing your game?

How do you get your game out there with 0 Robux and no connections? (hypothetically)

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0 Robux and no connections? that’s hard to accomplish. If you have 0 robux you can’t advertise your game, and if you have no connections you can’t do alternatives to ads.

Well, another way you can get some, not many, people playing is by sharing it on reddit or twitter. On reddit you can share it on r/roblox, and on twitter you can use #robloxdev, but the latter is more about dev creations than sharing your games. the roblox subreddit could give you a small boost, but if it’s not catching, it wont get recognized, and you also need special help for that. None of them will guarantee you a constant playing audience, and spamming your game will just make it get disliked.

The best way you could spend robux sponsoring your game is by putting them in the sponsored area, those that you see at the bar of games when youre looking for a game, because they dont show like “CLICK ON ME AAAAAAA”, they’re more of “Hey, here’s a game you’ve never seen, want to try it?”. Now, thats if you have robux, not having any can give you some trouble, even more if you’re doing a multiplayer game, because you need an audience all the time. If it’s singleplayer it’s better because you dont depend on players, just having some will help.

Something that would work very well is having roblox youtubers playing your game. That is, of course, if the youtuber’s audience fits that of your game (so if its a horror fps game, it wont attract a younger audience that follows a youtuber with a young audience).

But you know what? If you, somehow, make a game that attracts everybody’s eye, and you sponsor the game with small youtubers (not too many, or it will look like raid shadow legends), it might mean that you getting sponsored by small youtubers wont mean anything because theyre small, BUT if you make their sponsored videos get recommended on people’s youtube section, you’ve done god’s work then.

*If, hypothetically speaking, you made a good game, that good game got shared by a youtuber in one or two videos, those videos got on people’s recommended, and by having it go in recommended, you start a win-win to both the youtuber and you. Your game gets an audience, the youtuber gets seen (and if the youtuber uses that video boost well, his channel will grow) and you can make some sort of revenue, though not much if you dont have premium (you just make 10% profit off people buying your gamepasses, unlike with premium, where you get 70% profit).

Tis all is a hard game, and roblox’s bad game searching system doesn’t help.