Question about MarketplaceService

If I prompted a gamepass purchase, and if the player bought it, then would MarketplaceService:UserOwnsGamePassAsync be true when they buy it straight away, or would it only be true if they rejoin?

For gamepasses you would have to rejoin, it’s something from Roblox it self, if you want something that gives some sort of item/ability to the player try using Developer Products the only bad-side of this is that developer products are temporary.

Edit: If you want the gamepass, give the player who buys it a message of some sort that they got to rejoin.

I’m confused as to how you would check after prompting, just use

The wasPurchased parameter will be true for the given gamepass

No, it will not be true because the results are cached, the player would have to rejoin.

It wouldn’t be true straight away, instead you’d create a PromptGamePassPurchaseFinished event and check if the player bought that gamepass.

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