Question about multiple-place games

I’m trying to make a system where each player, when joining the game, has an individual place that would be the player’s town. They would be entered by a main hub server, kind like Meepcity houses.
How would I go about doing it?

Make a default town, and store it somewhere for cloning, when player joins. (Amount of towns should be amount of max players)

Make a datastore. (To Store the town data)

Load the data: choose random town out of all the towns for a player, that isn’t already taken, then load their data.

Yes but, the towns have a unlimited space for building. I’m looking out for to make a system like Meepcity, where the houses have a reserved place to teleport when player joins the game.

I’m wondering how do Adopt Me, Meepcity, etc does that.

How it works in Adopt ME is when you touch the neon part in the tunne you are moved to the other ‘Island’ which is in the same place.

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