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I am not sure if this is the right category where to ask this, but I’ll just go ahead and ask. Can lag be caused by setting the waypointspacing of a path to very small? Like 0.1 for example? Like then there will be significantly more waypoints created.

It shouldn’t really cause lag, since the NPC is really close, it shouldn’t create as much waypoints as if it were very far away, If anything, it will Create at least 1 waypoint as in a Wide Open environment compared to when turning corners which it will create multiple to traverse that environment.

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Though if it would be a backrooms map that’s incredibly large, let’s say about 1k studs and the dummy would have to update the path everytime the player moves (for obvious reasons), would that still not cause lag?

Depends, I think PathfindingService has limits on how big the path can be however, If there is a bunch of Items blocking a straight path to you, it is possible but if you just creating Parts to Mark the waypoint, that will cause lag depending on how much the NPC has to traverse, otherwise, not much should happen.

Alright, thank you for clearing this up! And I have another question, what limitations does PathfindingService have? Possibly every limitation you can name

The only 2 Limitations I can think of are:

  • Having a Long Path, Which would give an error along the lines of:
    Path too long for PathfindingService

  • Error with Calculating a Path
    Usually this happens if you are in the Air on a Floating Object, or doing something the NPC can’t do, A Simple Pathfinding would not be able to compute it and will error, making it stop in its tracks until another patch is computable (Depending if you tell it to), This can probably be fixed however giving it the proper objective.

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