Question about performance with unanchored parts

So in my game, I want to make it so buildings and structures can be destroyed. Obviously, lots of unanchored parts can get laggy very quickly. So I plan to have a system where X amount of unanchored parts can be in the game at a time. If the limit gets exceeded then it will start removing unanchored parts. That way I don’t have to worry about too many unanchored parts lagging the game.

However, I still want to understand more about unanchored parts so I have a few questions.

Does the size of the unanchored part have a big impact on whether it will be laggy or not?

What’s a good amount of unanchored parts to limit the game to? I did a test and my PC could handle 800 unanchored parts before I got mild lag. Taking into account the fact that some people may be on lower-performing devices maybe 300 - 500 is a good number. (The game will be computers only.)

And lastly, what tips do you have to reduce performance issues with unanchored parts? All help is greatly appreciated!

The size does not matter. It’s just a part.


5000 studs of 1x1x1 will cause the same lag as 5000 blocks of 256x256x256.

For the rest, I don’t know to be real honest here.

I’d say keep the unanchored parts at 300.