Question About Positioning

Hi Developers So i am making Game like Tower Of Hell and Made Toh Section Generator and Timer Just Wondering Is there any way to Positioning Model

Section Generator Is Working With 4 constant Positions Thats my Problem

Well you can set a PrimaryPart for the model and change the Cframe by using model.PrimaryPart.CFrame. Or just use Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() or Model:MoveTo()

Doing that may dislocate some of the parts, which you don’t want. If you do end up using SetPrimaryPartCFrame(), make sure to use Welds to avoid that from happening.

According to this, SetPrimaryPartCFrame() should move all the parts. Tell me if i’m mistaken.

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Yes, it does move all the parts inside of a model. However, you may run into the issue I told you about. Maybe there won’t be any problems if you just move it, however the problem may show itself when you start rotating the model. I just recommend Welding all parts together if you plan on rotating the model, just to be sure they won’t dislocate themselves.

Ok just to be safe, weld the parts as @uhHappier mentioned.

Thank All of you For Information