Question about reloading the character

i forgot exactly what the function was, but it was something like :ReloadCharacter()

if i adjust multiple aspects of the humanoid, such as walkspeed, jumppower, etc, will reloading the character reset that all back to default?

Yes the function is Player:LoadCharacter() to reload or respawn the player.

If you read: this should help you out.

Player:LoadCharacter() resets the character by creating a new one, like resetting or dying, which might not be what you want.

If you want to get the default walk speed, jump power, etc. you can use StarterPlayer.CharacterJumpPower, StarterPlayer.CharacterWalkSpeed, etc. to get the defaults.

You can use Humanoid:ApplyDescription() to reset clothing too (get the description for the player with Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId().

If you need to reset changes but back to the original values, you’ll need to store them. You could put them as Value Instances in the character, or store them as variables in your script.

The instance method you are referring to is :LoadCharacter, when called on a player instance that player instances’ character is removed from the workspace container and a new one is added to same container. Because the humanoid instance is a member of the character model instance, it is similarly removed & added, this will cause any assigned properties to revert back to their previous (default) values.

does this function reload the player at spawn or at the position where the player was?