Question about Replicated First

Does replicated first replicate changes during runtime?

As it is replicated first it replicates on client first load

The wiki states:

A container whose contents are replicated to all clients (but not back to the server) first before anything else.

Don’t see why that would mean later changes shouldn’t be replicated, jsut these ones have higer priorty?

ReplicatedFirst is just a very odd location to use after initial loading, there might be a better solution to what you try to achieve.

Later changes wouldn’t be replicated as it it loads all of its children on client load.

It’s just important client-side accessible settings which I didn’t realise the client would want to be changed during runtime until the system was made, Moved it to replicated storage and seems to be working now though :confused:

I really don’t get why they would behave differently in this way… Otherwise, shouldn’t it just be called ReplicatedOnLoad?

And anyways to access ReplicatedFirst it needs to be done from a localscript as RF is client only

No error messages produced when changing it’s content!

You changing it w/ a server script?

If you’re changing it with a server script, it won’t error in studio. It WILL error in a live game, however. This is because the studio play solo server environment is the same as the client’s. You need to access ReplicatedFirst from a LocalScript.

I wasn’t getting any errors on developer console in-game to suggest it. I thought my http requests were just caching for ages lol