Question about ToS for products/services

Hello, I’m not sure if this is the write category for this, if it is not then please redirect me. I came across a product that was well done but had major obfuscation, which brought a little worry to me but there were a ton of people who had purchased so I wasn’t super worried. After purchasing the product and (after a long process) I installed the product. It worked well and I had my friend join my game, which after attempting to join he had been banned. Apparently he has tampered a little bit with the product, but was banned from my game when I hadn’t banned him. Is it allowed to ban someone from someone else’s game like this? Just a little curious and after skimming through the TOS of both the product and Roblox I didn’t see anything relating to the matter. My friend already contacted support for the product and has been unbanned, but it just brought this question to my mind.

Technically not against the rules, but I’d be wary that that might be a server-sided executor (still allowed but bad news for you) hidden in the code, and the other purchasers might be bots. Mind sending a link?

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