Question about Vehicles

I have been looking at trying to make a car for a while now, but don’t know what I need to know to make a fully functioning car that drifts. I understand BodyMovers & a bit of physics, but that’s about it.


You can create really basic cars with VehicleSeats.

However, for more advanced cars I would recommend using BodyMovers. Like when you press W it sets velocity forwards and so on.

Yes, but what about rotation of the vehicle?

Hey Auxatier, there are some great YouTubers like Model Creator who make cars and explain them, perhaps you could study them off a YouTuber and try it for yourself?

If you plan on using BodyMovers for your vehicle I would suggest looking into Raycast Suspension. Then for turning simply apply the force on the turning wheels at an angle. For simpler VehicleSeat vehicles I’d suggest trying out constraints.