Question about webhook rate limit!

I’ve been researching webhooks for a while now and the stuff I find is incredibly mixed.
Lemme just get to the point.
What I want to do with webhooks:

~Log bans and other mod commands

~ Have join and leave logs that return data like health, currency, etc (to help with ban evidence and stuff like that.)

I have a queue system since the join and leave logs are 100% going to exceed the rate limit.
However, I found that apparently even if you respect the rate limit you can still get terminated for abuse if you are constantly sending webhooks at the rate limit (which will be happening with join / leave logs considering dying in this game makes you rejoin)

How true is this? Can I still do what I’d like with webhooks?
If you have knowledge on webhooks (and the rules behind them) please share I’d love to learn more.
So many people have been saying X thing is fine and Y thing is not and others say the complete opposite its just a confusing mess when I just wanna log things :pensive:


I searched “discord webhook rate limit” and the first thing to come up was a Discord page talking about it.

It states that the current limit is 10,000 requests per 10 minutes, or 16 to 17 per second.

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its actually 30 per minute. That wasn’t my question exactly.

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The Problem

Yes, you may, but it’s also not recommended. Discord webhooks highly rely on HttpService which may occasionally fail, making it an unreliable solution to your problem. Also, filtering out these webhooks and trying to find one for a specific user while trying to have thousands of them in your channel will be a nightmare.

Another Problem (rare)

This isn’t always the case, but it’s nice to futureproof your code in case anything bad happens in the future. Under Data Protection Laws of the European Union and the U.S, players or the parent(s) of a child may request deletion of all data from your Roblox game, including data from off-platform logging services, such as Discord webhooks. Data erasure requests are sent to you from Roblox via a Roblox PM and may look like this:

It is highly advisable that you read the following article to protect yourself in the future:


Hopefully, this post answers your question about whether you can achieve this or not, but if you decide to go for it anyways, always be on the outlook for any of the problems mentioned above.

Oh wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to write all that!
Just to be clear its okay to be constantly sending webhooks directly below the rate limit?
I was told that would get me terminated even if its below the rate limit high traffic is considered abuse.

Also the data protection laws only apply to personal data things like health and other stuff should be fine. Worse case I have to take some time deleting things.

no, sending webhooks will not get you termed but might get the ip sending reqs blacklisted for a day or so if it does not abide by the ratelimit. you should make your own little logger website (nothing fancy, writing to a file should be enough) to not depend on the bad blue platform though


Ah, tysm for the help.
Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Will I get blacklisted for constantly sending webhooks directly below the rate limit?

no, the ip blacklist only happens if you send 10,000 requests in 10 minutes and lasts a day i think? that doesn’t mean you can send that much at once, but discord includes a retry-after header if you somehow exceed the normal limit (not blacklist) and you can just use that. i don’t know the exact limit for sending messages but again, making an in-house logger that you can modify and not worry about stupid limits is better

really? I thought it was 30 requests per minute for roblox.Thats what everyone has been saying.

ok i suck at explaining but there’s a small limit, like the one you mentioned, then there’s a 2nd limit, the 10000 in 10mins one, if you exceed the first one, nothing bad happens, you just wait a few seconds, but if you exceed the 2nd, you are blacklisted for a day


Oh I’ve been looking for that kind of explanation for a LOOONG time now thank you so much for clearing that up lol. Makes a lot of sense now. Tysm!

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