Question about what hackers are able to do

First, can hackers access/change StarterPlayerScripts and StarterCharacterScripts within StarterPlayer?

^ (I don’t mean AFTER it is replicated to the hacker, I mean, can they change the state of the scripts within these sections so when OTHER players spawn there are differences.)

I saw somebody say, ‘hackers are able to change instances within StarterPlayer which then replicates to all players who join.’ But I’ve never noticed this happening in games before…

Also if this is true, what should I do about it?

I doubt it’s true since the hackers can only change things on the client-side, but the scripts in StarterPlayerScripts and StarterCharacterScripts is cloned on the server-side, this applies to the same with StarterGui.

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That isn’t true since the Player Character only loads in the Server. The person that told you it replicates is misinformed.

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