Question for game

So im making a puzzle game and i have this billy robot following you giving you hints throughout the game and i have a question
what is the easiest way to make him move?
should i rig him or should i use tween service for movement?

could just use alignposition with orientation or cframe set on runstepp

i dont quite understand what youre saying

i’d handle his movement on the client per-frame, throw it on a heartbeat and use some lerping in your final operation

I would recommend using or CFrame to move the part (or model) along the line. Tween service would be an unnecessary amount of work unless you wanted to create some sort of bouncing animation when the part stops moving.

By creating a loop using or CFrame you can make smooth movements that do not look like they “stop and start” at all.

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Tween. unanchored parts could be exploited