Question for those who used this donation board

So I have a game called Gray Island, and on the donation island you can donate, but the mobile players that want to donate say that whenever they tap the amount they can’t donate for some reason. For those who used this donation board and fixed it; how did you do it?



I used this for my Difficulty Chart. You will have to make actual parts with click detectors that prompt them the purchase. The buttons on the regular board are gui buttons and as far as I know mobile doesn’t support that.

How would I make it so it adds the donators ON the board from mobile?

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You will need to use a custom process receipt script. Process receipt should be turned off for the board itself, you can do this by going into the ‘Products’ Script and it will explain the rest.

Now for the processreceipt;

you will have to make a SS inside of SSS and make it check for the sales of the dev products, make a table containing all there id’s and values. then use a loop to loop thru all the ids in the table when someone buys a dev product.

if it is the id then add it to the DataStore using :Increment()