Question, How Do I Identify A GUI (Or Object) Vol.1

I’m looking to Identify GUI (or an object) I have some examples of what i know:

Local TextButton = script.Parent
Local Frame = script.Parent.Parent

But I can’t think of anything to identify an object:

Local Object1 = --What do I put Here?

Every thing helps (If it’s related to this topic).

What is the GUI hierarchy? Is the object a gui (ScreenGUI, Frame, TextLabel, TextButton, etc)?

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I’m confused what variable you’re referring too when you say object1

Thie object is not a GUI at all.

I’m sorry but this question is very confusing, please elaborate.

Could you please tell me what is it then?

Well then we need to know if its an instance or if its located in workspace, replicatedstorage, server storage, etc. We need to know what your trying to identify. If you are making a random instance that you will use in the script, just put:

local Object1 = nil

This allows object to be called later.

It’s a In-Game object (Not on-screen)

Is it a part thats located in workspace?

Ok, I guess you could say:

game.Workspace:WaitForChild("NameOfObject") -- doesn't need to be workspace if it is in a different service

Yes @romeanyguy10, OK. :+1: :+1:

Then rename the part in workspace to something that isn’t “part”
and do this:

local Object1 = game.Workspace.PartName -- Change PartName to the name you gave your part in workspace.

Yes, like I just said above

UnderStood, @Dfn150 and @romeanyguy10.

Ok. So did we solve it???

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I’ll need to check, Thinking:+1: :thinking:

Has it been solved now? (Sorry if I’m being impatient it just has been a little while)