Question, How Great Does This Look? Vol.2

I Made A Icon For My New Maze Game, but I need some Feedback.

How Great Does This Look?

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  • Good!
  • It Needs A Little Something

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If You Said Needs A Little Something, What Does It Need?

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Something feels off. I can’t pinpoint it, but I think its the size of the word ‘Amazing’.

Also, the colour is pretty much black and white, so that makes it a bit annoying

@Stickmanfanrdc Is this Good?

For an Icon, it needs color, or no color

Change the black and white to something like a light blue or something

The font and the shadows of the text don’t really match with the rest of it.

I have a few notes. I don’t mean to sound critical, but it needs some work. It definitely has potential though!

One of the first things that I notice is that the widths of the white paths aren’t even. I highlighted a few examples of this in the image below. If you like it this way that’s fine, but it stood out to me.

Secondly, it doesn’t really look like a maze to me, it looks more like random rectangles put together. Maybe try zooming out a bit and making the walls thinner, so it’s easier to see what’s a path and what’s a wall. For example:

Next, the font - it’s a cartoonish and rounded font, paired with a blocky design. It also has a shadow that makes it look different from the rest. I’d suggest using a sharper font, maybe a sans serif font, and removing that shadow.

Finally, as others have said, it needs a bit of color. Nothing too intense, but it should stand out on the game page.

If you’d like me to clarify anything or have a question please let me know.

The colors here clash with the black and white. As @Coolsbloxian said, change the text color to better match the maze. You can also change the color of the boxes surrounding the text.

There’s also a white bar from the “IT’S” text box that shows up under the black box. It’s pretty minor, but noticeable when the image is enlarged like this.

I don’t know what it was based off but it just seems like random lines lol. It looks cool though.

Much better now, but the ‘maze’ in the icon doesn’t seem like a maze, but like random lines

Oh, and, listen to the guys above me as well, they’ve got some good points