[Question] How should I design an open world?

So the question is pretty simple, how would you guys design an open world game similar to a GTA type game. Would you go for an art style like Jailbreak? A nice mix between terrain and low poly parts? Or would you go for a complete low poly art without any Terrain use, or more detailed?

An important factor is also the performance, I want my game to be played on all devices so I think terrain and low poly style is the way to go.

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I found that this video can help quite a bit.

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For me, I would always aim for that low-poly game. For the past few years, this style has been used in multiple trending games to this day and the community loves it. I just find that it looks better in style wise, much more modern, and something that you can continue to explore with comparing to the Roblox terrain tool.

Honestly, most games use low-poly parts for terrain too. While we look at games like Adopt Me, these generally are fully low-poly and actually give off that vibe, but it does depend on what game you are going for. Games like Bloxburg and Jailbreak have low-poly structures with a fully developed terrain, it does give that fully realistic look to it too.

Overall, I would prefer to use low-poly as a whole. You can actually develop games that allow all devices to connect like I stated earlier with Adopt Me, it all depends on how far you are going into detail and how you keep in consideration of what parts you use or what not.


I would call low-poly rather overused. I think if a developer has the possibilities, they should go with a realistic and more detailed design. It usually makes exploring the map way more fun.

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Jailbreak did handle it very well.
Let’s say I am going for a more realistic look, just a little more detail. Would that be a problem for a large map performance wise?

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That more realistic look being?

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