(QUESTION) Is it possible to make Dissolving Effect and Animated beams,particles?

Hello Developers!This was my first post,so if my poems or the content of this post is not great then please skip it out.

So i’m learning about particles and beams,trails.I wonder how could someone can make a particle or an effect that can dissolving.Like in Anime Auras.Or make animated particles,beams.

Here’s an Example:

Hope you guys can help me to find the solution,Thank you and Bye!


I genuinely wish this was possible…

Roblox particle system desperately needs a rework or an upgrade because right now it’s kinda limited, compared to Unity where you can make animated 3D models into particles etc.

For now you could fiddle with beams and tween their start and end sizes to 0. You can also change the numbersequences in the Size and Transparency properties for particle emitters. I don’t think it’s fully possible to make effects with that level of quality in Roblox, unless you use some weird method of switching between many decals on a part quickly to give an effect of animation.

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Thanks for help!I will remember it.

Making beams animations possible, but dissolving is more about scripting.

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how can i do it,please tell me?

Like @DaDude_89 said, it can be achieved by changing images on decals.

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Anything is possible when you put your mind to it!

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Yes,i’ll put my mind,my creative,my skills on it!

very cool interesting hmmmmmm…