Question on my easier way to access remotes and modules

Recently I’ve made a module that lets the user access remote events/functions as well as modules in an easier way.
Here’s how it basically functions:

-- Server Sided script
local Lunar = require(ReplicatedStorage.Lunar)
local CustomService = Lunar.GetService("CustomService") --> Returns a module
local RandomEvent = Lunar.GetRemote("RemoteFunction", "RemoteName") --> Returns a remote event/function object

I wanted to ask you guy’s if you think this would be good to use in the long run, or good at all? I don’t want to use something I made that will hinder progression for my game.

I doubt most of us will know what the module “Lunar” is, instead I suggest to search for the original creator’s post on the DevForums, there will likely be more information found there.

Sorry for the late response.
But I was the one that made this module, sorry for not making that too clear. I know the original post can sound confusing but what I meant is if it was better to do this:

local Lunar = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.Lunar)
local ProfileService = Lunar.GetService("ProfileService")

instead of this:

local ProfileService = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.ProfileService)