Question regarding accessories

Hi. I wanna make an accessory with this webbing I found in the toolbox.

But the problem is, there are like 15 different parts. And I’d have to weld all those to the primary part which takes a LONG time. Is there a different way to do this that is faster?

Any help is appreciated!

Note: there are 56 different parts. And that will literally take hours. Tell me there is a better way!

are they meshes? if they are parts you could try to union some.

all of them are meshses. Isn’t there a way to connect them all somehow?

A weld script would work. Acting like a tool but attached to the player. Or acting as a Morph.

You could try RigEdit Lite. Its a great plugin for welding/rigging models.

how do i use it. i tried clicking the guide but it doesnt show how to use weld all. and i try clicking it nothing happened

Select a root object, then select everything else one at a time, then press the “Create welds” button on the ui.
Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 4.05.17 PM

This works. Thank you.

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