Question regarding memory leaks (Connections)

So, after doing a bit of research into managing memory leaks, I’ve yet to find 1 that answers this question regarding connections (or maybe I over-looked it and/or am just bad at searching):

In the case that an Instance with a connection gets removed via external means (a part falling out of the world, a player leaving, the player’s character model getting removed upon respawning, or removed via game.Debris:AddItem()), do those connections get automatically disconnected like using Instance:Destroy() or is this a special case that needs to manually disconnected?

If I’m mistaken and there is something that talks about this, please redirect me.

Yah debris actually does destroy a part after the time is reached. By using Instance:Destroy(), so connections get cleared up.

The player Character respawning one honestly that’s a good question even I don’t know

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The previous character is destroyed when you respawn, it should disconnect all existing events

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When an Instance gets destroyed (How it was destroyed doesn’t matter) All events that you have on that instance are automatically Disconnected