Question Regarding OrderedDataStore:GetSortedAsync()

So I have an idea for a game that I develop on where players can submit builds then other players can take those submitted builds for themselves (Essentially a large asset library). To show all the builds I would have to use an OrderedDataStore. I just have a question before fleshing this idea out though, is there a hard-limit on the GetStoredAsync() function or can it just keep going forever?

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I’m not sure why you’d use OrderedDataStore to store them, but here’s all the limits

See DataStore Errors and Limits. GetSortedAsync has a calling amount of 5 + (numPlayers * 2) calls per minute. As far as querying data, to my knowledge there’s no real limit or at least there isn’t a limit you’d realistically hit. That’s the benefit of receiving paginated key-value pairs according to the arguments you pass though, so you can go through each page without querying more than you need.