Question regarding rotation

Hello developers!
I’m trying to make something that rotates freely in the air. The thing is, I’m not sure about which of the body movers I would need to make it work.

-Doesn’t rotate infinitely
-Smooth transition from stable to rotating

What body mover do I use? Links to the developer hub would be great, too.
If you have questions that would help you better understand this, please ask away! :slight_smile:

  • BodyVelocity

    • Set the Velocity to 0, 0, 0

    • Set the MaxForce to a high number to prevent it from falling (50000, 50000, 50000)

  • BodyAngularVelocity

    • Set the AngularVelocity to which direction you want it to rotate in

    • I believe the MaxTorque property is the same as a MaxForce for a BodyVelocity, so just set that to a high number

That’s what I usually do, the BodyVelocity prevents the part from falling but still able to interact via physics, and the BodyAngularVelocity sets where you want the part to rotate


Thanks! Helped a lot. Have a good day.