Questionnaire, Non-Compliant Regions

I just finished taking the questionnaire and I have two Non-Compliant Regions which are Belgium and Netherlands due to Paid Random Items. Is there any way to fix this without having to remove Robux purchases?

You can use PolicyService:GetPolicyInfoForPlayerAsync() to determine if a player is allowed to make randomized purchases before displaying the prompt/offer. Doing so will make your experience compliant without preventing unrestricted players from making such purchases.

Keep in mind that this policy also applies to purchases made with in-game currency.

in-game currency? My game is a tycoon, does that mean the player can’t buy buttons with money generated with machines and do nothing?

That should be completely fine if each button maps to one known item. This policy only applies to purchases where the product is not known ahead of time. It targets practices like loot boxes, where prizes are randomly selected from a pool of items.

ok thank you very much I understand