Questions about TeleportService

Hi, so for a new project I’ve been starting to develop, it’s going to have matchmaking. And I just wondered if TeleportService has any limitations that could cause the game to break or for an exception to be called if for some reason my game has thousands of people playing in it.

What I would use TeleportService for is to create private servers for every match that’s been made successfully, and then to teleport the participating players in that match to the private server, so I assume I’d be using the ReserveServer and TeleportToPrivateServer methods. As I develop this, I want it to be a some-what solid system that’s capable of running under server load, if for whatever reason this game becomes very popular.


TeleportService is designed to support teleports en masse. There aren’t any limitations or at least none that have actually been mentioned or are worth taking into consideration. As for exceptions, no - enough games have several thousands and run teleports often, yet are not bogged down in any way except for Roblox servers being slow, unresponsive or broken.

Your system is fine enough. Just run with what you have. The only bottleneck or entity you’re relying on is Roblox servers to stay up. Teleport errors are typically going to be from their end and very rarely yours.


Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!

One other question I have though, so let’s say I reserve two servers:

myServer = TP:ReserveServer(gameID)
mySecondServer = TP:ReserveServer(gameID)

Would each one of those variables point to a different server? Or if no players have been teleported to the one yet, would they both point to the same because nobody is in the game yet??

Yep, they’re different. Each time you call ReserveServer, a new server id is issued and returned. The instance is still dead and nonexistent, ReserveServer only issues an instance id. When you use TeleportToPrivateServer, you ask the service to direct the players to an existing instance of the specified server id or ask the backend to spin up a server with that instance id and remove it from automatic matchmaking.

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