Questions about UGC and "Verified Creator Account"

Hello, I recently watched some RDC videos and am excited to be able to upload hats to the catalog, but I have some questions,

1: What are the requirements for a “Verified Creator Account”?
This is my main concern, my account was hacked a long time ago and uploaded one of those robux scam games, since then I have enabled 2 factor authentication, but because of this I don’t receive Roblox developer messages like my friends do, my game has more visits and regular players than theirs but I still don’t get these messages. I fear that because of this I will be unable to upload hats, some clarification on this topic would be nice.
2: What are the limitations for uploading accessories to the catalog?
Another important thing I would like to know is what are some of the limitations for uploading hats? I really don’t want this to go the way that shirts went when bots started uploading them.


What do you mean by “developer messages”, I would assume you’re referring to GDPR Right to Erasure messages though. I don’t think receiving those messages would have anything to do with something you couldn’t control due to the fact your account was compromised in the past.

Hm, does it have to do with the fact that my game is in my group rather than on my profile?

No, but what do you mean by developer messages in the first place? What are you referring to.

Well, for instance when the game statistics (monthly visits, purchases, etc in case I got the name of that wrong) was released, my friends all received messages from Roblox saying “Hello developer” and then talking about the new feature, I don’t receive any messages like this while my friends continue to receive them.

That feature was just given out to developers that met a certain threshold at the time. It doesn’t mean that Roblox doesn’t consider you a developer, it just means your game didn’t meet the threshold at the time.

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Oh, okay, but what about now? My game has grown a lot since then, I’m nearing the 30k visits mark, but I still don’t receive these messages

EDIT: I actually just hit the 30k visits mark while writing this message! (Woo)

Originally the feature was for the Top 250 games and the messages were to let such developers know that the feature was being released. I assume it’s out for everyone now and as such they don’t need to market the feature anymore. It’s just there. (These messages aren’t sent anymore)


No one really knows, they stated at RDC they were still looking into what would quantify a “Verified Creator Account”.

There will be monthly limits regarding how many hats you can upload per month, the items will go through a moderation pipeline, and duplicates will (obviously) not be allowed. IP infringing items will also not be allowed.

For more info, you can watch this recording from the conference: