Questions about xbox compatibility

I am currently making a game inspired on “Left 4 Dead 2”, the game contains no such thing as gore or violence. I also decided to implement my own bubble chat system, however i also want to add xbox support and i want xbox players to be able to see what others say through the bubble chat, xbox players won’t be able to chat tho. The bubble chat is obviously filtered aswell.

But would that be breaking the roblox rules in any way?

As long as you ensure the users having safechat don’t see other’s chats, you should be good!

what do you mean with “safe chat”?

By safe chat, I mean, are they able to chat, or is age/communication restricted on their account/settings

also i don’t think you understood, xbox players will be able to read the bubble chat that pc and mobile players say,
computer player says “quick! run!”
the computer player’s phrase will appear in the bubble chat and the xbox player will be able to read it, but they will only be able to read the CHAT BUBBLE ABOVE THE PC PLAYER’S HEAD, but xbox players won’t be able to chat.

By modifying it to work on Xbox, you’ll need to determine whether the xbox player is old enough or not to be able and read the chat, otherwise, you’d be breaking communication guidelines.

oh ok, so i guess that its fine as long as i follow that rule, thanks