Questions based on revenue distribution for a new game

Hello developers, I had a few questions related on how to spend my budget effectively in a new game I’m bringing up.
I’m gonna be honest here, my current budget is 70K. I want to split it into the game designing, and advertisements. With my experience however, I’ve seen advertisements need a pretty decent amount spread over a few days, so currently I’m planning with one of my friends to put 50K on the ads, and 20K on the game.

My question is, Is 50K spread over multiple days enough to increase the playerbase, considering the game is perfect? Or, do I have to increase the budget for the game instead, because if the game is good, the players might enjoy it, but if the ads do better with more money into them, perhaps they might increase the number of players in it?

Thanks for viewing this, if you have any suggestions for me/ any answers, please respond to this thread, anything will help. Have a great day ahead :slight_smile:


You want to heat the game up a bit first by spending maybe a few hundred a day, for 2-5 days, if the general results (CTR, like ratio, average play time) is good, then you can prepare to create a spike. The spike you can spend up to 40K, because the Roblox algorithm is very sensitive to spikes, they could potentially put you on Up-and-coming. Last thing, try to spend the remaining robux on advertising with small amounts for another 1 or 2 week to maintain players.

That’s really my understandings, and my plan as well.

A massive spike plus a week or two of stable player base is enough for the roblox algorithm to put you on the search result and certain genres

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Hey there, thank you for replying :smiley:
What about splitting it into the game, how much would be a good budget be, and please give it in reference to my own budget if possible.

Since you’re a scripter, you’ll only need a builder. Maybe 12K or your game’s percentage for the builder, 5K for artistic GUI and 3K for GFX and banner.
Audios are free in sound libraries.

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Thank you so much for your time, yeah that helped a lot.
Hope you have a great day ahead! :]

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