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Hello, So my music designer made multiple covers of songs from a few anime’s, and i was wondering if he uploaded the musics to the group and they somehow got copyrighted, would it affect my game or the music designer?

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It depends. Before you upload a song that you know is made by another person you should always look up if the song holds a copyright or not, If it is your asset will most likely be moderated. This will not affect your game but it will affect the account or group that it was uploaded on .


Ah, Alright, Thanks for the reply!

Just in case you didn’t know, but any work created and published by the artist holds a copyright and is their intellectual property.
However, the details of how it was licensed/distributed for use determines how you can use the work. There are differences between countries in how copyrights are enforced and what steps are necessary to legally protect the work before or after a copyright infringement occurs. Most likely you would simply be asked to stop using the work, probably via moderation as @Dev4q has mentioned.
Also, you/your group may not have covered the work, but you/group would be publishing it.

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Ah, I see, he said he was willing to take the responsibility by publishing it himself (Under his own account), so if it’s copyrighted, will it still affect us?

In short, no idea.
I’m only aware of general rules around IP and copyrights, but presumably Roblox mods would do something and it would be better to cover yourself by checking the copyright and distribution rights of the owner (that might not be the anime studio) and gaining permission if possible.
You might not even need to do this as it is a cover version. It may be as simple as stating it is an original cover of the artist’s work to avoid most issues.
I just wanted to highlight potential issues and things to consider.

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Ah, thank you, I think i’m going to stay away from copyrighted music.

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