Questions regarding copyright

So my music composer made a cover of a music which is copyrighted but stated the owner was most likely not gonna copyright us, BUT if it gets copyrighted, do i get punished? Or does the music composer (Since the asset is under his name). Also multiple games such as Your bizarre adventure uses copyright music but still hasnt got copyrighted, how come?

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Of course he has to give permission to Universe ID etc, but will it affect my game at all? or nope.

If your game contains copyrighted music and action is taken against the game then there’s a chance the game will be taken down and the asset will certainly be deleted. Many other games use copyrighted music and they just haven’t had any action taken against them.

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That’s the point, Music is everything, So I am wondering if I should take the risk, and if the game pops out, I’ll delete the music.

Well do what you want. If you’re worried that something will happen then replace the music.

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Alright, Thank you, I appreciate it.

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